Emily Friedman

Emily Friedman

451 Research Webcast: In-Memory Computing Market Predictions 2017
In Memory Database, In-Memory, Real-time
Adoption of in-memory technology solutions is happening faster than ever. This stems from a three pronged demand –
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Global Pulse of Real-Time Data: 16 Definitive Insights
Each morning, millions of individuals wake up to emails sent throughout the night, text messages, Facebook notifications
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Why Role-Based Access Control Is Essential to Database Security
As repositories of highly sensitive, confidential, and valuable business data, databases are the crown jewels of every o
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Geospatial Data Meetup with Mapbox
The global availability of mobile technology means that everyone is connected on the go. For businesses to truly penetra
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10 Apps Syncing to the Pulse of Your Life
Industry, IoT
We live in a burgeoning on-demand economy. Services have transcended the physical establishments of restaurants, banks,
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Introducing a Performance Boost for Spark SQL, Plus Python Support
Engineering, Spark
This month’s MemSQL Ops release includes performance features for Streamliner, our integrated Apache Spark solution th
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Coinalytics Taps MemSQL to Fuel Blockchain Analytics
Analytics, In-Memory, Spark, SQL, Success Stories
Bitcoin has occupied headlines of technology and business publications over the past several years. The concept of digit
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Q/A with Dan McCaffrey, VP Analytics, Teespring
Analytics, Industry
One of the best parts of being a startup is getting to work with other startups – companies experiencing rapid growth
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How to Write Compilers in Modern C++ – Meetup with Drew Paroski
Engineering, Events
Visit our SoMa headquarters this Wednesday, August 19th for our third official meetup, from 6pm-8pm! This is an exclusiv
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Emily Friedman
Emily Friedman
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