A Guide to Free MemSQL Educational Resources

Seth Luersen
Seth Luersen

For interested database developers, database administrators, and data scientists, we proudly offer several learning resources. These include YouTube educational videos, Enterprise trial Editions of MemSQL, extensive public product documentation, knowledge base articles, a SlideShare presentation repository, and a public Slack channel.

Online Education Videos

We have numerous videos available at youtube.com/memsql

Ankur Goyal: Database Systems Class, CMU, April 2016
Learn from Ankur Goyal, our VP of Engineering, as he returns to his alma mater at Carnegie Mellon University to deliver a deep-dive lecture into MemSQL database technology. The video lecture covers in-memory storage, concurrency control, crash recovery, code generation, distributed execution, and skip list indexes.

MemSQL In-Depth Training
Watch Carlos Bueno deliver his MemSQL In-Depth Training video series. Carlos reviews the key concepts and terminology fundamental to MemSQL database development and administration. Topics include an overview of MemSQL architecture, high availability, geospatial data, columnstore concepts, schema design, and cluster capacity planning.

Product, Architecture, and Industry Landscape
In under 20 minutes, Gary Orenstein’s Executive Overview identifies the big data pain points for modern enterprises. Gary reveals how MemSQL — as the #1 operational data warehouse and leading distributed, in-memory database — powers real-time data architectures and pipelines for ingesting, managing, and analyzing big data.

MemSQL Product Documentation

For quick start guides, hands-on tutorials, conceptual overviews, technical references, and FAQs, visit MemSQL Documentation at docs.memsql.com/docs

MemSQL Knowledge Base

Our collection of technical articles provides tips and tricks for designing, managing, securing, and optimizing a MemSQL database cluster. Explore the library of articles here: knowledgebase.memsql.com

SlideShare Presentations

Discover 40+ presentations about real-time data pipelines, geospatial intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning, and in-memory applications at scale. To learn more, visit slideshare.net/MemSQL

Join memsql-public on Slack

Community members and MemSQL engineers regularly share tips and discuss innovations on our public slack channel. We invite you to join the conversation at chat.memsql.com

Try MemSQL for Free

The Community Edition of MemSQL comes with unlimited scaling, unlimited capacity, and unlimited free use. With Community Edition, you can start building real-time, in-memory applications on commodity hardware on-premises or in the cloud.

If you want full access to production features, you can download the Enterprise trial edition of MemSQL.

Both editions are available at memsql.com/download

MemSQL Training

Our free and publicly available learning resources strengthen our community of data analysts, database administrators, and database developers. We invite you to join our community and start using MemSQL today.

And when you are ready to formalize your mastery of MemSQL, join us for MemSQL Training. From installation, schema design, query optimization, and troubleshooting, MemSQL Training is the best preparation for building high-performance, operational data warehouses and real-time, in-memory database applications. Learn more about our course offerings and public training events at memsql.com/training

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