Managing MemSQL with Kubernetes
Kubernetes, Webinar
With the arrival of the cloud, organizations face new opportunities – and new challenges. Chief among them is how
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HDFS Pipelines Supporting Kerberos and Wire Encryption in MemSQL 6.8
Hadoop, MemSQL 6.8, Security
Many companies, including our customers, have invested heavily in Hadoop infrastructure. In a recent blog post, we explo
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Medaxion Brings Real-Time Decision-Making to MedTech
Case Study, Predictive Analytics, Real-time
Medaxion has found a solution to the analytics problems that plague companies across the health care sector and beyond.
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Mapping and Reducing the State of Hadoop
Hadoop, Performance
In this blog post, part one of a two-part series, we look at the state of Hadoop from a macro perspective. In the second
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Introducing the MemSQL Kubernetes Operator
Containers, Kubernetes, Red Hat, Updates
Kubernetes has taken the world by storm, transforming how applications are developed, deployed, and maintained. For a ti
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Customer Saves $60K per Month on Move from AWS RDS and to MemSQL
Analytics, AWS, Capacity Planning, Cloud, Relational, Success Stories
A MemSQL customer previously ran their business on two databases: the Amazon Web Services Relational Database Service (A
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How to Use MemSQL with Intel’s Optane Persistent Memory
Cloud, In-Memory, Industry, Product, Thought Leadership
Intel’s new Optane DC persistent memory adds a new performance option for MemSQL users. After careful analysis, we’v
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The Need for Operational Analytics
Analytics, Financial Services, Gartner, Kafka, Spark
The proliferation of streaming analytics and instant decisions to power dynamic applications, as well as the rise of pre
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MemSQL Offers Streaming Systems Download from O’Reilly
Kafka, Spark
More and more, MemSQL is used to help add streaming characteristics to existing systems, and to build new systems that f
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