150 Days Later: How Customers are Using MemSQL for Free
MemSQL 6.7
On November 6, 2018, we made our then-new production product, MemSQL 6.7, free to use, up to certain limits, described b
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Emmy-Winning SSIMWAVE Chooses MemSQL for Scalability, Performance, and More
Analytics, Case Study, SQL
SSIMWAVE customers – from film producers to network engineers to media business executives – work to some of the
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Pre-Modern Databases: OLTP, OLAP, and NoSQL
Analytics, NoSQL
In this blog post, the first in a two-part series, I’m going to describe pre-modern databases: traditional relational
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What Makes a Database Cloud-Native?
Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Cloud, MemSQL Visual Studio
MemSQL has been designed and developed as a distributed relational database, bringing the effectiveness of the relationa
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How CEOs Can Stay Relevant in the Age of AI
Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Real-time
The most important new skills for business leaders are not what you might think. You’ve read the headlines. Data is th
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Webinar: Data Trends for Predictive Analytics and ML
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Webinar
In this webinar, Mike Boyarski and Eric Hanson of MemSQL describe the promise of machine learning and AI. They show how
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What MemSQL Can Do for Time-Series Applications
Analytics, Pipelines, Time Series
In earlier blog posts we described what time series data is and key characteristics of a time series database. In this b
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How We Use Exactly-Once Semantics with Apache Kafka
Apache Kafka, MemSQL 6.5, MemSQL 6.7, Pipelines
A version of this blog post first appeared in the developer-oriented website, The New Stack. It describes how MemSQL wor
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Webinar: Data Innovation in Financial Services
Apache Kafka, Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services, Machine Learning, Webinar
In this webinar, MemSQL Product Marketing Manager Mike Boyarski describes trends in data initiatives for banks and other
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