MemSQL 3.2

MemSQL's latest release includes major feature and performance improvements including:

  • Improved transaction capabilities with the introduction of support for multi-statement transactions.
  • Significantly improved query performance for queries against tables using a column store index by introducing sorted segments and segment elimination.
  • Improved join performance between tables using column store indexes through the use of merge joins.

MemSQL 3.2 is available immediately for download

Click the button below to download MemSQL 3.2. Visit our documentation at for an in-depth list of new features and resources on how to get up & running with MemSQL quickly.

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MemSQL v3.2 in Action.

Learn how MemSQL helped CPXi eliminate ETL and streamline their real-time bidding infrastructure.

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MemSQL 3.1

MemSQL's 3.1 release takes the world's fastest database platform to the next level with major new features and performance improvements.

  • Automatic cross-datacenter replication, provisioned with just a single command.
  • Support for views as well as table, column, and row level security.
  • Highly performant, transactional bulk data loading from a filesystem or from Amazon S3.
  • Performance improvements in the flash-optimized compressed column store.

MemSQL 3.0

MemSQL now features an integrated tiered storage architecture which consists of a transactional in-memory row store and a highly compressed flash or disk-based column store. With MemSQL v3.0, users are no longer limited to just memory, allowing expansion of the MemSQL platform to hundreds of terabytes.

  • Tiered architecture accessible through a single interface.
  • Workloads can access data in both row and column stores.
  • Highly compressed, deployed on memory, flash, or disk.