Flexible Streaming, Integration, and Interoperability

Connect MemSQL with your data ecosystem, across the fastest streaming and loading integration. Deliver data to MemSQL from Kafka, Spark, S3, HDFS, MySQL, and other databases and data warehouses. Use business intelligence dashboards to build real-time analytics with ease.


Use CREATE PIPELINE within MemSQL to connect to your Kafka cluster and deliver Kafka topics directly to a MemSQL table. MemSQL Pipelines support exactly-once semantics with Kafka for business critical data.



Connect Spark to MemSQL to build real-time data pipelines. With Streamliner you can deploy Spark with MemSQL, connect to an existing cluster, or import data in real-time.



LOAD DATA enables simple loading from a comma separated value, and can quickly get data from other sources into MemSQL.


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MemSQL with Data Warehouses

Real-time data load and tiered storage architecture make MemSQL the perfect complement for your data warehouse. Use an in-memory row store for ingesting streaming data and running time-sensitive analytics that batch loading data warehouses can't handle. With its compressed storage format, the MemSQL column store engine can be used for long-term storage and deep analysis. This provides storage flexibility that more limited in-memory solutions lack. The result is a simpler, more cost-effective, and less latency-prone data infrastructure.

Business Intelligence Tools

MemSQL accelerates Business Intelligence (BI) reporting, allowing reports to generate and dashboards to update in real-time. Thanks to its ANSI SQL interface, MemSQL easily integrates with, and even augments the capabilities of, many existing BI tools. For example, many BI tools lack the ability to report on relational and JSON data together (or the ability to process JSON at all). MemSQL provides this functionality on the back end with the ability to query JSON with SQL. Additionally, MemSQL offers a simple, powerful platform for developing custom BI tools.

MySQL Wire Compatibility

MemSQL is MySQL wire compatible which means there are many freely available open-source clients, connectors, and development tools that work with MemSQL out of the box. The availability of these tools saves expensive development resources because engineers can focus on critical application programming. Moreover, MemSQL configuration and administration is very similar to MySQL, which means the switch will be easy on your DBAs as well as developers.