MemSQL solves the toughest data analysis problems in the most demanding industries. With its speed, simplicity, and ability to scale, MemSQL is the right fit for a wide array of businesses that are building next-generation applications or addressing performance problems caused by their legacy database.

“We were looking for a solution that would keep up with the amount of data that we process on a minute-by-minute basis, and MemSQL was the only solution that that fit all of our needs.”

– Anthony Pusateri, Software Engineering Manager, Ziff Davis

Powering Digital Advertising.

Learn how Ziff Davis uses MemSQL to track and analyze millions of impressions in real time.

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Digital Advertising

Real-time bidding and ad serving is a multi-step process involving a series of extremely time-sensitive queries on an array of different datasets. MemSQL is the only database that can handle high-velocity transactional workloads while simultaneously running complex analytics. Read how CPXi, a leading digital-media holding company, is powering real-time ad serving with MemSQL.

Campaign Optimization

With real-time insights, immediately identify and shift resources to top performing channels and content. Then match user profiles and impression data at the most granular level to serve the best content or ad. Modify campaigns on the fly to maximize your marketing ROI.

Real-Time Attribution

Log profile and clickstream data in real-time to perform full-grain attribution in milliseconds. This data can be analyzed to improve programmatic buying algorithms.

Bidding and Ad Serving

Real-time ad serving requires analyzing customer profiles and resolving competing bids simultaneously. The database must return results in milliseconds even under aggressive read and write workloads.


Financial institutions must analyze and store large volumes of data as it is created. MemSQL's in-memory row store is uniquely suited to ingest transactional data, while simultaneously running time-sensitive analyses. As the data ages, transfer it to MemSQL's highly compressed column store for deep analysis.

Position Monitoring

Markets move fast and investors expect access to real-time position and portfolio valuations. MemSQL is capable of extremely fast transaction processing and the time-sensitive analytics required to monitor positions in real-time.

Fraud Detection

Unchecked fraud has the potential to harm even the most stable financial institutions. Stamping out fraudsters requires the ability to not only process but also analyze an enormous volume of financial transactions as they are created and before it is too late.

Risk and Compliance

Managing risk and compliance with outdated tools is precarious at scale. MemSQL offers the speed and enterprise-grade durability necessary to give accurate and complete insight into an organization's trading operations.

Cloud Services

As more applications, storage, and computing infrastructure move to the cloud, performance and the ability to scale your database become increasingly important. MemSQL's performance, scalability, and tiered storage architecture makes it ideal for many cloud computing use cases.

Monitor Server Data to Maintain SLAs

Funnel server data into MemSQL to help monitor and manage servers. Waiting for legacy databases means more downtime and unhappy customers.

Collect and Analyze Clickstream Data

Log and analyze clickstream data in real time. When usage data is no longer hot, transfer it to the highly compressed column store for archiving and deep analysis.

Power SaaS Applications

MemSQL is designed for speed under heavy concurrent usage. Build cloud SaaS applications on MemSQL to provide the best possible user experience.

Retail and E-Commerce

Online retail presents an opportunity for engaging customers and maximizing revenue. Capturing this opportunity and providing customers the best shopping experience requires a database that keeps up with a large volume of transactions while simultaneously processing analysis on customer profiles.

Transaction Processing

The pace of online retail is increasing. Aligning stock with orders can be difficult, yet customers expect real-time availability information.

Real-Time Recommendations

Provide online shoppers with valuable product recommendations. Giving real-time recommendations requires collecting and analyzing customer profile information in less than a second.

Mobile Advertising and Offers

Use MemSQL and mobile technology to enhance in-store shopping. Send personalized promotions and offers to shoppers as they browse or travel near a store.

Government and Defense

Governments and defense agencies face some of the toughest Big Data challenges. Civil and military agencies must be able to rapidly ingest and then sort massive datasets to quickly identify both anomalies and complex patterns.

Supply Chain Management

Leverage continuous streams of sensor data to optimize timing and inventory resupply in the battlefield or disaster sites.

Pattern Analysis

Rapidly ingest data from diverse sources to spot patterns as they unfold. With MemSQL, you can recognize where information comes from and detect patterns in how it spreads.

Network Security

Governments are responsible for processing and storing large volumes of private information. Track and analyze network events in real time to detect threats as they present themselves.