MemSQL Cloud Pricing

MemSQL is the real-time data warehouse that delivers immediate insights across live and historical data


Clusters are priced by size
On-Demand Price
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Reserved Price
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$2.50/hr 17% Off
$4.80/hr 20% Off
$9.00/hr 25% Off
X-Large +
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Cluster Sizes

A single instance of MemSQL is referred to as a MemSQL cluster. A cluster consists of everything you need to start writing to and reading from MemSQL databases.

1 unitEach unit has 2 TB of storage capacity. 5-10x compresssion allows you to store up to 10 TB of raw data on 2 TB of disk.

In addition to the raw memory and storage resources, each cluster comes with a number of standard features to ensure a secure, stable, and flexible experience. Learn more.


small cluster 1 unit


medium cluster 2 units


large cluster 4 units


extra large cluster 8 units

Example Use Case

Consider a company who wants to run analytics on a large volume of user click data in order to better understand demographic preferences in different regions of the world to improve targeted advertising.

The company wants to display this data on a real-time dashboard to enable up to the second insights into how users are interacting with the site. They also want to enrich this real-time data with historical data to do analysis on broader trends over time.

To accomplish this, the company uses an X-Large MemSQL Cloud cluster.8 units

1) Load data with MemSQL Pipelines
First they load the data to a row store table from Kafka using MemSQL Pipelines

2) Hold live data for 24 hrs
Once loaded, they hold the data in the live data table for 24 hours.

3) Store the data nightly
Then they move it into a historical data column store table every evening.

Data Loading

MemSQL Pipelines empowers the company to do analytics on their user data in real-time.

Rows per second
1 Million
Throughput per second
125 MB

Storage Requirements

Column store compression allows the company to use a relatively small amount of disk space to store large quantities of raw data.

Storage On Disk
16 TB
Data Compression Rate
Amount of Raw Data Storable
Up to 160 TB

Query Requirements

Query processing enhancements enable sub-second scans over the companies largest data sets.

Rows Scanned Per Second
1.5 Billion
Row Size
100 bytes

This is an example data set. To get further details contact us or try testing your own workload for free.

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